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Join our Weekly ‘Mindful Friends’ Group

Creating space for reflection, growth & unified connection.

In our modern lives, anxiety often acts as an unwelcome guest at the party. So we’ve developed a sanctuary for those seeking to transmute the heavy burden of anxiety into the gold of serenity.

Recognising the profound impact of anxiety on mental and emotional well-being, this group is dedicated to honouring a journey of transformation into empowerment.

For those seeking :

Inner Alchemy: Learn practical alchemical techniques to transmute anxious energy into a source of personal power.

Community Connection: this supportive community share experiences and strategies for managing and overcoming anxiety.

Mindful Mastery: Cultivate mindfulness practices that empower you to respond to anxiety with clarity and presence.

Who’s this group not for?

If you’re seeking quick fixes or dismissing the importance of addressing anxiety. If you are unwilling to explore your triggers or view anxiety as a weakness rather than an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Join the Alchemising Anxiety Group

I can’t wait to see you there!

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Mastery Mindstate
Mastery Mindstate
Dedicated to uplifting human consciousness & increasing joy in our daily lives, through mindfulness & more! Combining ancient wisdom & modern science to dissolve humanity’s biggest issues into our natural state of being (Bliss ;-).