There’s more than one A.I.?! Yes, there’s 3.

Why settle for 1, when utilising all 3 is the key to unlocking everything you’ve ever wanted & more.

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Hello hello, and welcome to Mindstate!

I'm your host, Brian Bibi, and today, we're diving into the incredibly interesting world of AI. and educating you on the fact that there’s actually 3 AIs, not just the one everyones hyped about. Knowing all 3 is key to living a great life thats filled with fulfilment, achievement & igniting true authentic joy n your life.

So what are the 3 AIs?

Let's start by addressing the big hyped up greatest newest latest most amazing thing the financial world, angel investors, big tech and the world are all focusing time money & energy developing... Artificial Intelligence.

Now, While AI may be all over headlines and inside meeting room brainstorm sessions, it's essential to remember…

Yes its important to integrate new tools.

Yes it can do so much that it is eliminating the need for human jobs

Yet it can be a blessing and a curse depending on your perspective. The key is to remember... AI is a powerful tool, like the smartphone was when introduced, yet it is a tool and we cannot allow ourselves to become its tool in the mad dash for online dominance & consumer supremacy. We are to be the leaders here, not the followers. it's up to us to harness its potential without losing ourselves in the process and giving up sovereignty.

so how can we do that? how to create more soverrignty?

Intro AI #2.

Welcome to the opposite side of the spectrum : Ancient Intelligence.

This is the wisdom passed down through generations, ancient cultures, and traditions. It's the ancient knowledge that transcends the pages of history books, reaching deep into the fabric of human experience. into mythology and fables, ancient overlapping stories and parables of wisdom thats still relevant today. What did the Summerians have to say, the ancient Egyptians, the Sufis, Zen Buddhists, the Greeks, Stoic & Roman philosophers, even the lost books of the Bible, tapping into the symbols that can be seen around the world and pyramids popping up in countries outside of Egypt...

By exploring these diverse perspectives and tapping into ancient wisdom, we can gain insights that shape our understanding of the world itself. we can expand our consciousness out from the all-encompassing bubble of our lives and open ourselves up to the underlying concepts that make up a great rich life that produces wisdom and amazing experience you could never dream of.

Thats on the other end of the spectrum. theres the new, the old & the NOW.

Thats where you come in with AI #3.

This is the Authentic Intelligence that only you can bring to the party. Its the true essence of who you are, that we all have inside of us, that is waiting to grow & break through the surface and bloom into the magical being that is your best self. its why you’re here. it holds the information to your purpose & mission. You can discover the seeper meanings behind certain experiences in your life, why you were tested, what lessons were meant to be learned and determine with the wisest essence inside you of what you want to become this life. By aligning with your passions, figuring out what you love the most, that lights you up, what brings you joy. this is where you are tapping into your Authentic Intelligence. this is the compass that guides us towards fulfilment and self-actualisation.

There are many paths to get there yet your journey is unique. No one else can do what you can me here to do. its your mission, your purpose and without you it wont get done the same way. so finding this out. deciding to focus IN on understanding your true authentic self is key now.

You can ask any question you want to the artificial intelligence yet the only right answers for your life are going to come from the wisdom you hold within you. that is your center.That is your presence. Your power. guidance can come from the ancient intelligence. solutions and productivity along the way can be made effective n efficient from the new artificial intelligence, yet the direction of our lives, the purpose n mission, the knowingness of what lights us up individually, thats only coming from the authentic intelligence thats inside of you.

So all 3 play a unique role in shaping our lives. Yet as we navigate the complex reality we’ve created for ourselves, maintaining that centered inner presence to be the guiding light and compass and making decision based on that guiding light is the key to living a life of fulfilment and authentic joy. its not about getting wrapped up s deep int eh ancient wisdom that you never come out of the cave OR getting so hyped up about all the things AI can do to grow my business… effortlessly. Its about utilising all 3, in a balanced approach, weighing options from all 3 and being wise in our authentic heart centered decision making. Tune into your innate intelligence within and find all the answers you’ve ever wanted to know.

Your mission is to cultivate your Authentic Intelligence, to discover what lights you up and serves the greater good. Where is your selfless service directed at?

You have the power now. It’s time to go inside.

If you’d like to find out how… feel free to get in touch! I can guide you back to yourself, which is the living embodiment of joy, unconditional love and bliss.

So until next time… This is Brian, signing off with a reminder to embrace the richness of these three AIs available to us now and embark on your journey towards authentic illumination … & #Injoyitall


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