What Do You Choose : Growth or Safety… Go.

Stepping forward into growth instead of backward into safety is a must in every moment. #JDI

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Hello hello, and welcome to The Mastery Mindstate Minute! I'm your host, Brian Bibi, and today, we're diving into the inspiring world of growth.

So lets start get really present. Take a nice deep breath in... & out....

Now youre ready to step forward into your full potential because we're leaving the safety of your comfort zone and fully embracing the wild ride of self-actualisation.

We face a profound choice every day. The choice to either step forward into growth or back into safety. Do we say Yes or No to opportunities? It's a choice in the moment may seem quite small, yet the impact can ripple throughout every aspect of our lives & the lives of everyone around us as well.

Abraham Maslow brilliantly explores this in his book 'Motivation & Personality,'

“Growth is not just a luxury—it's a fundamental need that propels us towards self-actualisation.”

Powerful stuff.

Imagine this: every decision, every action, every moment presents us with a choice—to move forward or to become stagnant & decay.

It's the difference between +1 and -1, a seemingly small gap that compounds exponentially throughout the day. Between saying yes & doing the action that will propel you into a better future, or the -1 action that will keep you stuck in safety and ultimately be the most unsafe choice of all.

Embracing growth means actively seeking out opportunities to actualise our highest potential, to become the future self we want to be. to bring the best of ourselves to the party n let it shine. It's about recognising that every day is a new beginning, a chance to seize the moment and make it count. Instead of carpe diem (sieze the day), its acutally carpe punctum (seize the moment).

Maslow reminds us that growth doesn't happen by chance—it requires a deliberate commitment to plunging into the unknown, to embracing discomfort in pursuit of personal evolution. It's about seizing the moment, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. we create it by moving into it. Because yesterday is gone, its a memory thats no real any longer, the future isnt here yet either so that s a dream waiting to happen. the only moment that truly exists & matters is now. and how you show up to it matters more than anything else.

So let's challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones today!

to choose growth over safety in every moment.

Do one thing that stretches you today, to add a +1 in your column, and get 1% better today. In 3months that could lead to you being an entirely new person. Ahh the power of compounding effort.

Remember, feelings follow behaviour—it's not about waiting until you feel ready, it's about taking action and letting the feelings of confidence and fulfillment follow suit.”

Let's embrace Maslow’s mantra “what one can be, one must be,” and take bold, decisive action towards our highest potential today.

Thanks for joining me on this mastery mindstate minute, I’m your host Brian Bibi. & Until next time, keep stepping boldly into your potential. Carpe Punctum. Injoy!

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